LILI ROQUELIN PHOTO GALLERIES: Click on each photo to see a  gallery:

Brooklyn Bridge PhotoShoot – Photos Credit Pat Bourque Photography

“Like a Feather” Music Video Release; Music & Animated Film Event – Photos Credit SuperMoon14

Live Concert at The Bitter End – Photos Credit Pat Bourque Photography LLC
LiLi Roquelin Live at The Bitter End May 2nd 2014 (Opening for Bruce Sudano)

Music Video “The Only One” Behind the Scenes

Nature Shoot – by Michelle Kawka

Music Video “Thank You” Shoot

Promo Appearances/Tour Photos “Beautiful Sun” (2012 to now)

Gallery by Ken Arcara

Gallery by PacPhotoINC (Pacifico Lopez)

Gallery by Lerone Ault Photography:

Gallery by BareSoul Photo:

Gallery by Noble Images (2)

Gallery by Noble Images (1)

Gallery by PacPhotosINC (some live events shots)

Shows Gallery (1)

Music Videos Shots (1)

Events, red carpets (2013+)
56th Grammy Awards

Events, red carpets, shots with other artists “celebrities” (1)

Events/ Appearances Gallery 2:

Art by Fans (Other Artists)

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