Back from France – Videos: my Dad playing lead guitar (Santana); and more to share

While on vacation in France I got to record my Dad performing a lead guitar solo of Santana “I love you much too much” (he also did the instrumental arrangement that you hear), I recorded the video with my iphone 6 and the sound via my Zoom H5:


***I got a hold of a few iphone videos of my Performance from April at The Bitter End, the video of “After Dark” done by the event’s videographer was not great and it seems the iphone’s is much better:


***I was honored to have Lunch at a delicious Brasserie with Pierrot Adequat, owner of the Adequat Studios in Nice. We took a few pictures and he hung one of them on the wall in his studio.










***Finally, I would like to share with you the magnificence of the Mediterranean sea with the video I took from the top of a Fort in the Bay of my hometown Toulon (WARNING: very relaxing to watch!):


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