Press article: Butter Notes + Announcing Show at The Bitter End NYC #SAVETHEDATE

I think some of the best reviews and compliments are often those you don’t expect, and especially coming from Professionals! happens to be following me on my Twitter and a lovely review ended up in the section “Explore Musicians” on the website at The site doesn’t accept indie artists submissions and is run by David, an Austin-Texas guitarist and songwriter and will be of interest for any musician that loves to read about music theory, scales, modes and that sort of thing. What are “butter notes”? David says it so well on the site “All art is based on limitations, and with limitations, genius solutions arise. So many songs are 3 to 4 minutes. Most songs stay in a single key and maintain a constant time signature. These are guide points, but they can be a way to constrict and limit, in a good way, what you are able to do with a song. The restriction on playing the 3rd and the 7th forces you to come with new perspectives and approaches. In an apparent twist of irony, does, in fact, show all the butter notes — one can’t not play them if he or she doesn’t know what they are.”

I write music mostly from intuition, if ever I need to I do use some chord progressions learned in my piano lessons (Prof. Sam Kanter in New York City) but the whole process is mostly done by ear, personal taste and how much the song flows to my liking, and probably from experience too. Interestingly the songs of mine that have gathered attention from well-respected NY musicians after my shows or after a listen to my albums are “Should you get mad” and “Renew”. I usually describe them as “These are my weird songs”, and hearing such talented musicians say “Wow! a 5/4 9/8! Brilliant!” or “you switched from a 5/4 into 4/4 effortlessly” is quite a compliment to me as I feel that this stuff just fell from the sky through me… (I always say listening to the Beatles and Radiohead in my teens probably contributed to that too lol!…).

I announced this week that I will be performing at this very important event on Thursday April 13th at 7pm at the legendary designated Landmark The Bitter End. I haven’t performed there in a while and am very excited to get up on that stage again. The event is for Suicide Prevention, and it’s called “Echoes of Love”. Most of you know why this cause is SO important to me as myself (and the art of music) lost a very close friend/cowriter/band member less than 2 years ago. Until I get more details, here’s the promo digital flyer #SAVETHEDATE!



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