Radio, Film, Live Events… and Rockstars on the Subway

I’ve got some exciting events coming up in New York!

Thursday March 7th: 6:00pm: The Set NYC presents Short films Screening Party – I will present my 3 Music Videos! Details in the Tour section

Monday March 11th – Free Show – Goodbye Blue Monday, 1087 Broadway, Brooklyn NY Doors at 8pm – I play after 8pm (around 9pm), my set is 40minutes. they have a nice upright piano on the stage’s side that I am excited to play.

***My music video “Thank you” is featured on website for their Teens section “videos and things to learn on the web”.

***The “Where does it all come from?” Series: “Try to Remember”, “The Only One”, “Don’t Wait”

***What else? Oh, a funny story, if you follow me on Twitter you already know it!
On my way home after my show at Two Moon on Thursday last week I saw some guys with a Rock style getting on the train and talking about guitar solos, pianos, and when they started saying the Steinway factory was in California and “somewhere” in NY – it’s in Astoria where I live so I thought I’d just inform them and asked what band they were in. Didn’t really understood their North Carolina accented name (and I thought MY name was tough? lol), Seth Avett, Joe Kwon and I talked for a while. They were quite nice and down-to-earth, being curious and asking me plenty of questions about where I had just performed, ect… and when I asked them if they had a show somewhere they said “Yes, tomorrow night on Jimmy Fallon on NBC”, I was still trying to put a sound/name on the faces and it is only when they spelled their name AVETT BROTHERS for my iPhone’s Notes that I”got” who they were. (i.e. They played with Bob Dylan and Mumford & Sons at a Grammy’s ceremony). Anyhow, I would have loved to see this week’s show that they’re playing in France but unfortunately I’m not traveling there these days. Oh, and of course, I gave each of them my card. Their performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was great (that same night they had First Lady Michelle Obama as guest). I love living in New York!
That’s it for this post! ;)

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