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Girls gone wild (for the love of music) at L.I.C. Bar

by Tiffany Razzano, qboro Contributor, 12/04/2008

When you think of girls with guitars, or chanteuses who sit behind a piano, what do you normally think of immediately? Classic songwriters, such as Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon or Emmylou Harris? Or, perhaps, contemporary performers like Fiona Apple, Alanis Morrisette or Beth Orton come to mind? However, you might not realize that if you looked in your own backyard you’d find a bevvy of talented female songwriters, which is why L.I.C. Bar teamed up with, an online community that promotes independent women musicians, to present The Queens of Queens on Dec. 1. In an effort to cultivate the burgeoning local scene, this free show, which even offered the audience a free catered dinner, brought together nearly a dozen female songwriters and musicians based in western Queens — mostly from Astoria and Long Island City — in celebration and recognition of their musical talents. And while all were singer-songwriters, the musicians represented a wide spectrum of genres, from blues and jazz, to Americana and folk. So there was a little something for everyone.(…)
French-born Lili Roquelin’s alternative rock with trip-hop leanings is different from any other performer at The Queens of Queens, but definitely worth checking out. Her lyrics slip easily from French to English. Even if you don’t know French, odds are you’ll barely even notice since her alluring voice, cool beats and catchy melodies catch all the attention. For more information, go to

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