All Access Magazine July 2008

BackStage At MySpace, Women of MySpace/“Taking Over”
LiLi Roquelin/Trip Hop/Alternative/Rock

LiLi has a voice that can bring goose-bumps to a person; with her French point of view is very prominent in her songwriting and lyrics. Her music is ethereal, otherworldly, and absolutely fabulous once you allow the music to absorb into your entire being. LiLi seems to have so many sides to her, going from soft and romantic to rock in a flash of a blink of her beautiful long lush eyelashes. The diminutive beauty with big beautiful doe eyes is a My Space staple, staying at the top of the charts in the Trip Hop Genre. What can be imagined in some songs is that the unique arrangements swirl around your mouth, like a fine vintage French wine. Her rich textured voice bellows to you quietly as you imagine her fingers slithering across her piano. Now living in New York City; this physically delicate looking angel’s music is very difficult to put into one singular genre. I envision her music playing in a European made period movie or in the most interesting venues around the world especially “Your Imagination” a song that begins as a classical music treasure and opens into a song about life cutting away pieces of your soul and like a child with ADD jumping from idea to idea in English and French. Suddenly LiLi will switch gears and come up with some really unanticipated music, she really knows how to get you in, put you on a hook and get you addicted to her and music. In “Keep This for You” she talks about a life in shambles rather literally that defy the title of the song; making the listener feels the anticipation of one thing and ordering up another. Rather unexpectedly and without warning she can also go fast and furious in the tempo and beat of the music throwing you for a loop. She is simply ASTONISHING!

By Christi Broekemeier, All Access Magazine article

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