Click here to download Award-winning recording artist LiLi Roquelin’s electronic-press-kit (Interactive 2-Page PDF as shown below) – Updated Feb 2015. LiLi Roquelin is based in New York City.

JPEG-LiLi Roquelin - Electronic Press-kit PDF - April 2014


Press-release for Latest Album “Beautiful Sun”

One of the best things about LiLi Roquelin is that she wears her heart on her sleeve through her music, and new album “Beautiful Sun” is no exception.
The record smoothly blends soft ethereal pop ballads with electronic alternative that supports her unique vocals and piano performance, and the outcome is something that touches the soul.
The grace of “Like A Feather”, and emotionally driven “Thank You” invite her listeners along on an insightful journey. The moving string orchestration adds an organic feel to the lush sonic textures throughout the record.
With its complicated atmospheric tones and arrangements, title track “Beautiful Sun” excels in giving a unique expression to a basic universal desire. The songs sway, caress, mesmerize and most definitely rock. The darkly swirling “Try To Remember” reminds the listener of LiLi’s Rock experience; her fans will certainly love the righteous “The Only One”, layered with energized piano rhythms and adrenalized guitars. The album includes other powerful tracks such as the jazz-edged bluesy “Don’t Wait”, the poignant theme of “Oh Brother”, and the haunting “Bliss of My Soul”. Ending the album with “N’attends Pas (La Vie)” reminds us of the international level of LiLi’s career and passions.

Music Videos for “Thank You”, “The Only One” and more recently “Like a Feather [Trailer]” have been released to the public.

On her previous solo releases, LiLi Roquelin has had her music placed in documentaries and TV shows, accompanying dance performances, receiving songwriting and music video awards and extensive press and radio coverage. Her talent spans from the craft of songwriting, composing, and programming to the usage of unusual technologies for live performances. She blurs the boundaries between pure artform and creative entrepreneurship using social networking and video blogs to create a personal connection and engage her fanbase.

A must hear…. and see.


“I will go to the United States and have a music career there”, LiLi told her friends as she was just 14. Growing up on la Côte d’azur with a multi-instrumentalist father, she learned music as it was all around her. She has actively been pursuing music since Middle School: from recording lead and backup vocals in solo or in duet for side projects or albums, to programming, and performing live with numerous bands. She released “A Taste of Departure” as the lead singer/writer of her first American pop-rock band, Phizzy Lager. She then quickly proved her professionalism in Cleveland – home of rock’n’roll – during the recording of the alternative-rock album “Neverending Sundown” with band Hate Dies Hard at Bill Korecky’s Mars Studio (home for bands from Universal Records, Victory, Century Media) who then recommended her to composer/producer Sean Bilovecky (Disengage). She worked with him on a side project and the song “I Saw You” was born. Pushing herself to living music to the fullest, she moved to New York City and started writing her own projects, while performing live on the piano. Entirely funded by fans, her first solo EP was mixed and mastered by three-time Grammy Award winning engineer Marc Urselli and it includes her Multi-Award-Winning music video for “I Saw You”. Her second solo release “Will you hate the rest of the world or will you renew your life?” and her music video “Should you get mad” (directed by Arnaud Muller/RNO Pictures who worked with band U2) received movie, documentary and TV Features and placements (Lifetime Network, MTV… ), awards, airplay, press attention, exciting her fanbase at concerts and on social-networking sites.
Introspective confessionalist, she is aware there is strength in vulnerability, and with that knowledge she shares her growth as an individual as well as a musician.
In the 3rd solo release “Beautiful Sun”, this singer-songwriter-composer invited in bassist/guitarist Askold Buk (Abc, MTV) on guitars and bass, and cello players the Wandering Cellist and Christopher Marion (Bill Evans, CBS Orchestra) to follow her directions through this audio journey she takes the listener on. The mix of Marc Urselli (Les Paul, Eric Clapton, Joss Stone) and mastering by Roman Vail (JLM Mastering; Moby, The Black Crowes, Sinnead O’Connor) allow the grace and style of LiLi’s compositions to shine as brightly as the beautiful sun of which she sings.

Awards :

2014 Winner: Best Pop Music Video at the 19th International Indie Gathering Festival, “The Only One”

2014 Official Selections for “The Only One”:
Rahway International Short Film Festival,
Art All Night Trenton International Film Festival,
7th Annual Hamilton Music and Film Festival in Toronto CANADA

2010 Award for 2nd Place “Pop music video” International Indie Gathering Festival, “Should you get mad”

2010 Official Selection Zero Film Festival (LA-Miami-NYC-London), “Should you get mad”

2009 Honorable Mention at the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, “Blues Alone”

2009 Best Music Video in the “pop category” The Indie Gathering Fest, “I Saw You”

2008 Best Music Video Queens International Film Festival, “I Saw You”

Notable Stats:

LiLi is @ Wikipedia
1Million+ Views across all Youtube Channels, 700,000+ views on Official Youtube
Music on TV & Film
240,000 views @ Myspace


LiLi has been a Featured Guest on CABLE TV SHOWS and Radio Stations (CBS Radio, ect…) for INTERVIEWS and PERFORMANCES, also was included in documentary “Rendez-vous d’Amerique” on French international channel TV5MONDE: See the Tour section for details, and Videos section for some clips.

- “The Only One” in TV Show “Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta” Season 7 Episode 9 on TLC (July 11th, 2014)
- “Bliss of My Soul” in TV Show “Nightmare Next Door” Season 8 Episode 19 “Death in Daytona”, Investigation Discovery Channel (June 13th, 2014)
- “Should You Get Mad” in Documentary “World’s Strangest”, Season 1, Episode “Places”, Director Dan Edwards; and Episode 6 “Sleep”. Airing multiple times in UK and US (Science SCI Channel)
- “OH BROTHER” in Unofficial GLEE Promo “Finn Farewell – Season 5 Episode 03″ (Oct 2013 by Youtube Editor; Video has Now 500,000+ Views)
- “Blues Alone” (Instrumental) in short documentary “Clifton Suspension Bridge” Dir. Steven Harris July 2013
- “Blues Alone” Featured on LifeTime TV Networks Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 14 (Watch your back, Mack!), Song used for the “Return to Grace” Group dance routine, Original air date on Lifetime 04/02/13
- “Come and hear my story” on TLC (The Learning Channel/Discovery Network) “Sisterhood”, season 1 episode 4 and episode 6, Original air date January 2013
- “Come and Hear My Story” on MTV News Canada
- “Keep This For You” Featured on LifeTime TV Networks Dance Moms Season 2: Episode 17 (Maddie has a secret), Song used for “The Huntress” dance routine, Hunger Games inspired – Original air date on Lifetime 06/25/12
- “Blues Alone” for Fast Company’s “The 100 Most Creative People in Business 2012″: Yael Cohen “Let’s F. Cancer”- credited “Music by LiLi Roquelin”
- “Renew” on “Relaciones Peligrosas” 06/11/12 episode 099 “Vivir el amor” (Telemundo)
- “Renew” Featured on LifeTime TV Networks Dance Moms Season 1: Episode 9 (From Ballerinas to Showgirls) LiLi Roquelin’s song “Renew” was used for the “Sinful” dance routine- Original air date on Lifetime: 09/07/11
- “I Saw You” in the soundtrack of Matchstick Productions’ movie: Attack of La Niña (2011/2012)
- “Blues Alone” in short documentary “One Million Bones”
- “Dare” in “How to run-barefoot” for best-selling authors “Runbare” (2012)
- “Blues Alone” in short Documentary “Gateshead’s people” (2012)
- “I Saw You”, “Dare”, “Dare – Instrumental”: featured on “Straight Faced” (Dir. Colin Carlton, 2008)
LiLi Roquelin’s IMDB Page (Some of these credits are listed)

RADIO STATIONS that play and/or have played LiLi Roquelin’s music (that we are aware of):
PANDORA RADIO (WORLD); WBCR (Brooklyn, NYC), WUTC (88.1FM Chattanooga, TN), HGRNJ (NJ, World), WXLVRADIO (90.3FM Bethlehem/Allentown, PA), KAXE (91.7FM Grand Rapids, 89.9FM Brainerd, 105.3FM Bemidji MN), KVNF (Western CO), KRVM (91.9FM Eugene, OR), KDNK (88.1FM, 88.3FM, 88.5FM, 94.9FM, 93.5FM, 94.7FM Carbondale, CO), WXPR (91.7FMRhinelander, WI), KDEC (100.5FM Decorah, IA), WSTB (88.9FM Akron-Cleveland OH), Radio 92.3 (CBS Radio, 92.3FM, Greater Northeast OH), 87.7 Cleveland’s Sound (Cleveland, OH), 90.7 WXIN-FM (Providence RI), Wildman Steve Radio (World), The Mothpod (World), Underground City Show/Radio Quartz (93.9FM, Belgium Europe), Radio Crystal Blue (Philly PA, World), WWUH (91.3FM, West Hartford CT), Radio Adelaide (Digital and 101.5 FM, Australia, World), Radio ZD83 (Saint-Tropez France, World), NITELINE RADIO (Bronx NY, World), Evan Ginzburg’s Legends Radio (NY/NJ, World), RealVision Radio (NY, World), Sud Var Radio (Cavalaire France, World), La Radio Des Radios (Switzerland, World), WEFT (90.1FM, Champaign, Illinois), Meuse FM (Verdun – Commercy – Bar Le Duc, France), Variance FM (Auvergne, France), Cigale FM (Champagne-Ardenne Reims, France), Radio Ornithorynque 90.2FM (Bouloire, Paris, France).

–> “If you hear me on a radio that is not listed, if you want to hear my music on your favorite radio station or if you know a DJ, please use the contact link to send a message so it can be added! THANK YOU!”

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